Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Impala Super Sport

Before Chevrolet settled on its host of "C" words for its model line-up, the company launched the Impala badge as its flagship leader. Gone were the One-Fifty, Two-Ten, and the head-turning Bel Air.

First appearance was 1958. More about that model later. But "Impala" captured the imagination of Chevy fans with its leaping antelope interpretation. Then, Super Sport was added for those models with performance enhancements.

Impala has served the company well. It's still riveted front and back on today's full-size sedans. Super Sport?  Well, it shows up now and then if Chevy decides sales needs a hot new model for the younger set, especially in blazing red or chromeless black.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Nova

Chevy's Nova was once the Chevy II and sort of a competition to the Ford Falcon. It was originally conceived as a mild-mannered, basic car for the young family or the grandparents. Over time, however, the Nova took on a multitude of personalities and, of course, was crammed with the biggest power plant its engine compartment could accommodate. Consequently, it became a favorite of drag racers. It is still sought-after by those wanting an easily customized "rod."