Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 1936 Chevrolet

The photo above is of a Chevrolet sedan, circa 1936. Note the vertical grill, so common in that era yet roundly lampooned in the 1950s when the Edsel appeared. Vertical grills lent themselves well to the styling restrictions of the day, namely narrow in-line six or eight cylinders mostly and pontoon fenders. 

When V-8 engines appeared, wider engine wells were needed to accommodate such. Fenders were blended into the hood assembly and those swollen pontoons shrank accordingly. 

Note, in this example, the Chevrolet 'bow-tie" is making its appearance quietly in the emblem between the headlights. Not the first time, though, for this familiar symbol. It made its debut in 1913 according to GM historians.

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