Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wish It Were Mine

tan Ford convertible with trees

Here's a 1947 Ford Super Deluxe convertible. To my mind, a great example of an all-too-short period in automotive Americana. Modest enough, stylish enough to get a second look, a bit impractical perhaps in hard winter country, but unpretentious and yet a tier above common day-to-day Detroit iron.

Photographically, this works for me as well, beautifully. Well-lit on the shadowed side. Low-angle but not too artsy. Both front and grill and rear deck are in excellent proportion without exaggeration.

While I appreciate artistic angles and license when photographing cars––I've shot a few such interpretations myself––there are times when I'd rather not be confronted with a huge glaring eyeball of a headlight. Or, isolated and massive tailights. Such make great poster art and there's nothing wrong with that. Automotive sculpture lends itself to some great, arresting shots even if a bit bizarre.

But, as you'll see at my Fine Art America website, I try to keep it low-key. Same with my new Pinterest collection. You'll see links where you can click for both below.

All kinds of prints, pillows, throws, coffee mugs, and cell phone cases featuring my work can be purchased at the Fine Art America site. Nothing for sale at Pinterest, of course.

IMPORTANT: CLICK ON THE TOP of the collection where it says, "Along Country Roads", not the bottom where it says "Follow on Pinterest". Don't ask me why. This seems to work. It's cyber-sense, folks, not common sense.

I've tried to craft my Pinterest collection toward cars of the 1935-1970 era in their natural settings. Nothing like green grass to show off most vehicles at their best. For the most part, I've selected cars and views that present the car, truck, or tractor as one would see it from 30 feet or a second-story window. Hope you enjoy both the Along Country Roads FAA collection and the Pinterest selections. 

The FAA collection is strictly my work and includes hood ornaments and a few tractors. There are livestock and scenic galleries to view as well.

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