Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Comparing 1957 & 1967

Yellow and white Ford wheel well and tireHere are a few shots of how Ford viewed its prime offering in 1957, a Fairlane 500 post coupe or what the company called a Club Sedan. This model also came as a two-door and and four-door hardtop.

Some authorities consider The Club Sedan or post coupe nearly as stylish as Ford's hardtop convertibles. And, typical of the era regardless of make, a post coupe was more practical. Its hardtop convertible brethren were prone to poor fit over time. 

Gaskets would wear, slip, become brittle, or crack. Match-up between window-on-window was subject to misalignment allowing rattles, whistles, and then weather to seep in. Ford seemed to do a pretty good job of making a post coupe pass for a hardtop back then.

Side view of yellow and white Ford coupe

Big, round tail light mounted in yellow and white

Here's a very stylish hubcap and spinner treatment from a 1967 Ford convertible. Fairlane has been relegated to a lower status, and "Galaxie" is now top-of-the line.

chrome and ruby tail light against chrome bumper and blue

Big tail lights continue to rule, and 1967's is blended into the rear bumper with the backup light in the center of the assembly as in 1957. Not much protection these days.

rear view of blue Ford showing tail lights and hug open trunk

Trunks of the era were expected to be huge and accommodate a full-sized spare tire and wheel. No skimpy little doughnut thing to get you by until the next tire shop. Five wheels and tires were part of the rotation.

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