Monday, October 26, 2015

In the 1950s, Ford . . .

responded to farmers expanding to larger acreages and asking for bigger tractors. The company designed the Golden Jubilee as an answer, a model producing test horsepower of 26.8 and costing $1560 in 1954. It was designated to replace the 8N, a model that had been around basically since pre-WWII days. 

With the Jubilee as a pattern, Ford began a numerical series starting with a 600, 650, 800, 850, 950, then added a "1" as the different models made their appearances, some with Diesel engines and live PTOs. Most were classified as 2-3 plow in capacity.

Below is an 850 and retaining the utility style platform. Tricycle front ends were added to the line as it progressed through the decade.

Here's the Ford 2N, similar to the 8N and 9N, favorites of restorers.

And Your Humble Blogger with his Uncle Al's Ford 800 tractor, which Ford called the NAA series, and a successor to the 1953 Golden Jubilee. Put a lot of hours on this great old-timer, and it remains one reason I favor utility-type tractors to this day. Yes, it runs. Pleased to report this family favorite has been moved and will be likely restored by the next generation.  

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