Saturday, April 30, 2016

More "Oldies But Still Goodies"

White coupe with garage wall backdrop

1995 Buick Riviera with 92,000 miles at $7500

white coupe on grass with fence

1999 Buick Riviera, mileage unpublished,  at $8000

White coupe with dealer background

1983 Chrylser Cordoba with 77K at $5950

(This is a stunning car from the side view. Quite uncommon. The dealer/ Hemmings photograph does not show it off as well as could be.)

Marroon and white coupe with dealer backdrop

1981 Cordoba with 70K at $5750

1985 Parisienne with 50K at $11,995

Selection criteria is listed below when we inaugurated this feature of Country Cars, Trucks, and Tractors. Basically, low mileage for the age and priced accordingly. No rough stuff or project cars are listed. Just good, solid, well-cared-for vehicles a bit out of the mainstream that represent good to exceptional values in the overall market today.

More photographs and details at Hemmings.

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