Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Oldies But Still Goodies"

A new feature we're trying, debut this week. We're calling it "Oldies But Still Goodies" where desirable, workable cars from the mid-80s through and into the early 2000 years present good values considering today's market.

Selections include low-mileage coupes, sedans, and station wagons priced at one-half or a third of the sticker prices found on new car lots. Most are capable of decent to surprisingly good economy and offer comfort, safety, and convenience enough. Unless noted otherwise, these are offered by a dealer or private sale through the Hemmings organization and publications. 

Some are collectible. Most are overlooked family or personal vehicles. No project or muscle cars here; no vans, pickups, or off-road utility types. 

These photos are not ours and do not present these cars very well. However, one can find other angles and interior shots at Hemmings by searching through its make, model, year, and price filters. Shown are:

 1981 Coupe deVille with 6700 miles at $9950 

1985 Grand Marquis 4-dr with 10,675 at $12,995

1986 Grand Marquis wagon with 56,524 at $7995 

1988 Grand Marquis wagon with 126,182 at $7595

1986 Grand Marquis LS wagon with 107, 000 at $6500

1990 Grand Marquis with 74, 921 at $6900                 

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